The real face of Israel government and cost of life in Middle East.

I wish to tell a story about not providing medical help in scary conditions in Israel.

I am Israel citizen since 1995 - immigrant from Ukraine. In apr, 2019 after traveling to Bulgaria, after a dog attack and vaccination came to Israel with disorientation, and some scary symptoms.

After coming to Israel, 12-th days after the incident, I got a re-vaccination tetanus & dif + 4 injection against Rabies, I started to feel burns in the body.

In Israel, while 4 month, not received medical help , with multiple requests to hospitals (min: 6) and doctors of health insurance Maccabi. Maccabi wrote on my personal file, - that I am sick by psychiatric diagnosis: SOMATIC DELUSIONAL.

I very like to travel , more than 20 years i am doing extreme sport, like adrenaline, no kind of some this psychiatric incidents happen in my life, - no history...

Since this, i lost my civilian right in this country - was fully ignored any my request to the ministry of health and government, any doctors in Israel were joking about my condition.

At this time the ministry of health was Benjamin Netaniyahu and his deputy - lizman.

After 4 months, was difficult to walk, pains and burns in body, in head, unable to work,- after unsuccessful requests to receive medical help and diagnosis of my problems - i decided to run away from Israel, to save my life from not being provided medical help Country - ISRAEL.

Now I am in Ukraine, was found: Toxocarose, ascariasis and bucket of infectional: Haemophilus influenzae, reactivated Toxoplasmose. Till now have high
Antistreptolysin O, and antibodies to toxocarose.

All new requests to Yulij Edelshtein,- new ministry of health where ignored, comments in FB where i am asking to provide hearing, to check my story, - deleted.

That a face of Israel government lies about the cost of life in the Middle East.


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